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2012 Monarchs House Golf Championship

6 February, 2013 ‐ Roxann StonePosted by ‐ Under: News


Bill Mershon (center) Jim MacArthur (l) & Neil Armstrong (r)

Nothing better than golf using wooden shafted clubs!!! Congrats to Bill Mershon from Minneapolis, MN for his winning score of 38 over the Kingarrock Course.  This year’s runner up was Coach Bobby Knight.  The Monarchs House Championship is now played using period balls and hickory sticks over 9 holes at[…]

Thanks, Angelo!

26 January, 2013 ‐ Roxann StonePosted by ‐ Under: Events


Angelo Nyars

In 2011 & 2012, we ran a contest with Golf Trip Genius, the world’s leading online golf trip manager.  The winner of the contest received a week stay at Monarchs House. We thought that was a pretty good prize.  So did Angelo Nyars, as he recounts his stay with us: